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LIMEX Pellet PP60-19M

TBM Co., Ltd

Minimum Order Quantity 10
Duration time until shipping 2-3 Week(s)
Product Category Less Plastic


LIMEX is a material made mainly from limestone that can be used as an alternative to plastic. As the development and production of alternative materials for plastic progress globally, LIMEX is a cost-competitive and environmentally friendly material that can contribute to reducing petroleum-based resin and greenhouse gas emissions. It is patented in over 40 countries and used in over 10,000 organizations.

Recommended Processing Method: Injection Molding
Packaging: 25 kg in PP/PE bag
Certified: SVHC, RoHS, Elution Test (US)

Environmental Features

Resource Efficiency: LIMEX mainly comprises limestone (calcium carbonate) and a small amount of non-toxic resin. Limestone is an abundant natural resource, making LIMEX a more sustainable alternative to traditional paper and plastic materials that rely on fossil fuels or wood pulp extraction.

Reduced Carbon Footprint: The production of LIMEX reportedly generates fewer greenhouse gas emissions than traditional paper and plastic production. This reduction in carbon emissions contributes to mitigating climate change.

Recyclability: LIMEX is recyclable and can be reused to make new LIMEX products, further reducing waste and resource consumption. It is important to note that the recyclability of LIMEX may depend on the performance of the recycling facility and the specific additives and coatings used in the product.

NOTE: This LIMEX grade is NOT biodegrade

Recommended Applications

Cosmetic Package, Hanger, Toys, Stationary, Containers

Download Documents (only for buyers)

TDS_LIMEX Pellet PP60-19M(230901).docx.pdf
SDS_LIMEX Pellet PP60-19M_EN.pdf
Regulatory Informaion Sheet (LIMEX Pellet INJ PP60-19M).pdf