Traditional materials drain resources and end up in landfills, but plastic alternatives like "LIMEX” are limestone-based substitutes made from an easy-to-find source. It not only treads lightly on the planet, but its no-fuss manufacturing also hits the sweet spot between being kind to nature and practical for real-life use. Amongst the dozens, if not hundreds of emerging alternative materials, LIMEX material is standing out.

LIMEX, one of the leading alternative materials to plastic, is different from many others in that it shows a shifting approach by TBM to a different way of approaching sustainability. TBM's commitment to innovative materials is putting LIMEX materials in the limelight to address our climate challenges. Green Sourcing Hubconnects decision-makers with eco-friendly products.

Explore the sustainable world of the innovative alternative to plastic and paper. Discover green products’ unique properties, diverse applications, and the advantages developed by TBM Co., Ltd.

The Evolution of LIMEX Material

The inception can be traced back to the early explorations by TBM of LIMEX as an alternative to paper. Faced with a mounting environmental crisis and the shortcomings of usual materials, they turned to abundant limestone as a hopeful answer for a more eco-friendly alternative to paper and other materials. The hunt for greener practices brought them to limestone, an abundant gem now spearheading the charge in crafting materials that are kinder to our planet.

The journey from the initial discovery to the development of a market-ready product was marked by extensive research and development. TBM. TBM dedicated serious time and brainpower to tweak the LIMEX material, ensuring its performance is as strong in sustainability as it is in quality. LIMEX tweaked for peak sustainability and quality, shines in versatility and resilience—qualities that make it a go-to material across various products.

Global Recognition

Although it is still early in its development, it has been gaining notoriety worldwide. Although its versatility and eco-friendliness have brought it global renown, Experts, journalists, and academics across the globe—from Japan to the US—have lauded it for its trailblazing uses and eco-friendly impact.

Eco-Friendly Composition

One of the most striking features of LIMEX sheet and other products is its composition. Predominantly made from limestone, it significantly reduces the reliance on petroleum-based resources, which is why it is one of the leading alternative materials to plastic.

Crafted mainly from limestone, it stands out not only for its ability to take on multiple shapes but also for beating typical materials at their own game in durability, offering an eco-friendlier and more sustainable alternative material.

It shows off its chops by shaping into a whole bunch of different items, stepping in as both an alternative to paper and one of the leading alternative materials to plastic. It steps up as a sustainable heavyweight, seamlessly taking over from regular paper and challenging plastic's dominance with its impressive longevity in a variety of uses. Its tough nature means it lasts way longer than old-school stuff, slashing the need to swap things out all the time and cutting down on trash.

LIMEX material, while feather-light, shrugs off water with ease—perfect for when regular paper just won't cut it. The products shrug off water with ease, which is perfect when you're dealing with situations that leave regular paper soggy and useless. With its remarkable water-resistant properties and feather-light design, it is ideal for robust print materials and long-lasting ads that easily withstand rainy days.

Environmental Impact

The environmental benefits extend beyond its production process. By reducing reliance on wood pulp it significantly contributes to the conservation of our forests and the diverse species that call them home. It stands out for its eco-friendly edge, guzzling way less water than standard paper-making does.


Comparing its price, paper price, and overall cost of LIMEX products, they offer a cost-effective alternative, especially when factoring in their longevity and reduced environmental impact. Companies eyeing eco-friendly and cost-efficient options are finding a solid match.

A Conduit for Sustainability Goals

It offers a tangible solution for organizations and individuals committed to achieving sustainability goals. It is hitting a home run in reducing our ecological footprint, nudging us toward more intelligent resource management.

Products and Applications

The adaptability is prominently displayed in everyday products. For example, Green Sourcing Hub products are designed for consumers and businesses to find various items ranging from LIMEX sheets used for printing and packaging to durable goods where traditional plastic was once the norm. LIMEXeasily slides into our daily grind, offering a smart swap for sustainability where old-school plastics used to dominate.

As a strong alternative to paper, it is revolutionizing the game by introducing bio-based products, which are water-resistant and eco-conscious and hold up—say goodbye to ruined notes from spilled drinks.

It is changing the office game with tough and green alternatives to paper goods that stand up to spills and help cut down on waste. Notebooks, business cards, and office supplies from green composite sheet products combine durability and environmental responsibility. Its ability to shrug off water makes LIMEX sheet a reliable ally against those all-too-common spills and drizzles.

Revolutionizing Packaging and Construction Materials

The construction and packaging sectors are also benefiting from its robustness and sustainability. LIMEX resin is making waves in the packaging world, ditching old-school plastic and wood for materials that are both tougher on the job and gentler on our earth. It is revolutionizing construction with its strong, eco-conscious materials that don't harm the planet.

LIMEX in Design and Innovation

The aesthetic appeal and workability have not gone unnoticed in the design world. Its cool feel and green rep are catching on with designers who aim to blend form, function, and eco-friendliness into their creations.

It isn't just about its sharp looks; it's a solid move for the planet and our local heroes—the communities we live in. It goes beyond smart choices; it's a conscious step towards eco-friendly shopping habits. When you pick it, it's like you're up to bat for the earth, swinging for the fences in support of vital green practices. This impact is evident in every LIMEX product, where the commitment to sustainability is paramount.

Economic and Environmental Impact

As a revolutionary material, it stands at the forefront of sustainable development, offering a unique blend of environmental benefits and economic viability. It redefines innovation by hitting the sweet spot between environmental stewardship and wallet-friendliness.


Unfortunately, any sustainable product can be turned away by the industry if the price is not right, but it has been demonstrated to be extremely cost-effective. When comparing its cost with paper, its durability and versatility should also be factored in. Durability is a key component of affordability, as a product that lasts a long time is more affordable than periodic replacements.

Reducing Environmental Footprint

The production and use of LIMEX resin have a significantly lower environmental impact than conventional plastic and paper. Tapping into the plentiful supply of limestone with minimal environmental disruption, it shifts us away from oil and tree-based products, helping preserve our forests and cut down on carbon emissions.

Water Conservation

It consumes far less water than traditional paper manufacturing, an often unnoticed drain on water resources. It helps conserve water.

The Circular Economy

The world is shifting more and more to a circular economy, where we have to examine the entire lifestyle of a product beyond just its initial use. Tough and reusable, it cuts down on waste big time by using resources sparingly.

As we pivot to a circular economy, LIMEX emerges as a recyclable marvel that champions minimal waste and resource conservation—mirroring the way book lovers expect film adaptations to capture their vivid mental tapestries of beloved narratives. [1] 

Global markets show LIMEX sheet price and effectiveness could succeed. LIMEX in Japan shines, meeting the tough sustainability and quality standards that international players look for.

The Role of Platforms like

Platforms like Green Sourcing Hub play a pivotal role in bringing it to a wider audience. Marketplaces like help get LIMEX products in front of more potential buyers.

Collaborating with TBM Co., Ltd.

Advantages of Partnering with TBM Co., Ltd.

●     Innovative Edge: Pioneering new sustainable materials, this company is a frontrunner in crafting the future of eco-friendly innovation. Joining forces with these pioneers gives you access to revolutionary materials, catapulting your business's competitive edge sky-high.

●     Sustainability Leadership: When companies focus on sustainability, they lead the charge in green initiatives and show just how committed they are to looking after our Earth.

●     Customized Solutions: We work closely with partners to create customized solutions that meet their needs.

Opportunities for B2B Enterprises and Industry Groups

Business-to-business companies and industry groups can have a significant environmental impact by adjusting their approach to manufacturing and packaging products. It can clean up multiple parts of the supply chain with more eco-friendly products and the packaging in which products are stored or transported. This is not only socially responsible but adapting these products can always open doors to new, eco-friendly customers.

Empowering Consumers and Local Governments

Consumer demand drives many trends in what goods are produced, and a greater demand for sustainable products can help drive conservation efforts. LIMEX-based products are a top choice for environmentally conscious consumers and promote responsible consumption. Governments can lead by example with sustainable procurement policies.

Engaging with TBM through

The Green Sourcing Hub marketplace serves as a vital platform for connecting with TBM . Navigating the marketplace, companies and public agencies can effortlessly discover and secure innovative LIMEX products tailored for eco-conscious ventures. This platform makes it easy to find and use green materials, helping businesses integrate environmental responsibility into their operations and designs effortlessly.

Advancing Sustainability Goals

Engaging with TBM Co., Ltd. and utilizing LIMEX materials aligns with global sustainability goals. When we choose sustainable materials like LIMEX, it's more than buying a product; it's actively shaping a greener future. TBM Co., Ltd. develops material to reduce our environmental impact and support the shift toward a sustainable, resource-efficient economy. To dial back our environmental impact and champion the shift toward a sustainable, resource-wise economy.


Through Green Sourcing Hub, you can tap into a variety of groundbreaking products to champion sustainability in their operations. Businesses, governments, and consumers who want to make a positive impact can find solutions in the other products because every purchase makes a difference.