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PlaX™ Staple Yarn (CP/PLA)

Bioworks Corporation

Minimum Order Quantity 1
Duration time until shipping 2-3 Week(s)
Product Category Industrial Compostable


PlaX is made from polylactic acid using the fermentation process of sugar collected from sugarcane and can be processed into various types of fabrics by fibrillization. By changing the weaving method and blending materials, a variety of variations in fabric texture and functionality can be created. As a next-generation fiber, added characteristics such as antibacterial properties derived from lactic acid are expected while retaining all the characteristics of conventional synthetic fibers.
Packaging: 24kg/1cs (24ch)

Environmental Features

Biodegradable: As a bioplastic made from sugar collected from sugarcane and is not dependent on oil, PlaX addresses environmental issues such as CO2 reduction and alternatives for depleted resources.

Carbon neutral: The raw material of PlaX, polylactic acid, is plant-derived. CO2 emissions during combustion are greatly reduced. In addition, since plants used as raw material absorb CO2 as they grow, PlaX is a carbon-neutral material that does not increase CO2 in the atmosphere.

Contribution to the environment: According to the life cycle assessment analysis, an approx. 35% reduction in CO2 emissions during manufacture compared to polyester is achieved. Compared to cotton, a 90% reduction in water consumption during manufacture is achieved.

Recommended Applications

Knitting fabric, Woven fabric, Sweater yarn